Publish Proceedings

Proceedings Proposals

Should you wish to publish a proceedings in any of our series, then please request a proceedings proposal form by sending us an email at proposal will be evaluated by a Editor(s) and/or a scientific evaluation committee consisting of senior researchers in the relevant field. This is to ensure the integrity and quality of the proceedings that we publish. Note that proceedings proposals outside the scope of our current series will also be considered.

Finally, should you wish to receive more information about our proceedings service, you may also contact us by sending an email to


The Publication Process

Proceedings publication differs from regular journals in several aspects, which makes it important for all authors to follow our guidelines.

Most pure proceedings publications, including ours, use author-prepared PDF files for publication and production of printed copies. Proceedings papers are submitted directly to the proceedings editors who manage the review process and collect the accepted articles. The editors submit the proceedings articles and copyright release forms to Lighthouse publishing in a single batch rather than individually as each paper is ready. The proceedings manuscripts are published as a single collection ❨volume❩ of Lighthouse proceedings. After the editors have collected sufficient accepted manuscripts, or as many manuscripts as authors are willing to write, they submit them to us in a single batch. We cannot publish any proceedings until the entire set of files meets the requirements of our publication and production systems.