International Journal of Educational Studies in Social Sciences <p>International Journal of Educational Studies in Social Sciences is a triannual (February, June, October) international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes high-quality peer-reviewed articles across the breadth of educational research in social sciences. Please note that this journal only publishes manuscripts (research articles and literature reviews) in English. </p> <p>Distribution: Open Access</p> <p>Frequency: Triannual Publication (February, June, October)</p> Lighthouse Publishing en-US International Journal of Educational Studies in Social Sciences 2797-636X Analyzing student perception on using webtoon as a learning medium for reading comprehension <p>As is commonly understood, educational requirements, especially in Indonesia, necessitate students' mastery of English reading skills due to the consistent inclusion of reading assessments in examinations. However, the hurdles students often face in reading comprehension remain numerous, including challenges such as limited understanding of grammar usage and unfamiliarity with vocabulary meanings. To surmount these challenges, the provision of suitable learning tools becomes imperative. One effective tool for addressing these obstacles is Webtoon, an innovative comic platform originating from South Korea. Comics, through their blend of sentences, vocabulary, and illustrative depictions of character actions, offer an avenue for enhanced learning. Hence, Webtoon holds the potential as a medium to bolster students' reading comprehension abilities. The current study sought to delve into students' perceptions concerning the use of Webtoon as a learning aid for reading comprehension. Employing a qualitative approach, the research utilized questionnaires and interviews as data collection tools. The findings unveiled a prevailing positive inclination among students towards integrating Webtoon into their reading practices. This perception was gauged across various indicators such as interest, experience, emotional response, object color, and the nature of perceptions. Overall, these indicators showcased that a majority of students held a favorable view of using Webtoon for reading exercises. Their feedback indicated that engaging with Webtoon during reading activities was conducive to heightening their comprehension and fostering familiarity with the vocabulary employed.</p> Harpain Dameria Magdalena Sidabalok Anita Copyright (c) 2023 Harpain, Dameria Magdalena Sidabalok, Anita 2022-08-27 2022-08-27 3 2 34 41 10.53402/ijesss.v3i2.362